Resources > News > Foreclosure Crisis News: June 2011

State mediation program helps few homeowners. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Adolfo Pesquera) June 29, 2011

Bank of America settlement could speed foreclosures. MSNBC.COM (John W. Schoen) June 29, 2011

Housing experts fear deluge when foreclosure filings start again. THE STAR-LEDGER (Sarah Portlock) June 28, 2011

The banks should do more to ease foreclosure crisis. JOURNAL SENTINEL (Editorial) June 27, 2011

Lawyer Regulation Under Review. THE FLORIDA BAR NEWS (Gary Blankenship) June 27, 2011

American Distrust Of Banks Reaches Highest-Recorded Level: Gallup. THE HUFFINGTON POST (Maxwell Strachan) June 27, 2011

Bank Errors Continue to Cause Wrongful Foreclosures. PROPUBLICA (Paul Kiel) June 27, 2011

Tampa retiree says he lost belongings in foreclosure blunder. ST. PETERSBURG TIMES (Eric P. Newcomer) June 27, 2011

Industry fears second wave of Tampa Bay area foreclosures coming. ST. PETERSBURG TIMES (Mark Puente) June 22, 2011

Foreclosure Relief Effort Finally Kicks Off. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Alan Zibel) June 22, 2011

Mortgage Servicers Threatened With Litigation by U.S. States If Talks Fail. BLOOMBERG (David McLaughlin) June 22, 2011

JPMorgan, RBS Sued by Federal Agency Over Mortgage Bonds. BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK (Steven Church) June 20, 2011

JPMorgan ousts home-lending chief after foreclosure lapses. BLOOMBERG NEWS (Dawn Kopecki) June 20, 2011

'Zombie notes' live to haunt deed transfers. NEWS-PRESS.COM (Dick Hogan) June 20, 2011

Ex-foreclosure giant David J. Stern faces Bar trouble. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) June 18, 2011

US Housing Crisis Is Now Worse Than Great Depression. CNBC (Jeff Cox) June 17, 2011

SEC could file civil fraud charges against some raters. REUTERS (Vaishnavi Bala) June 17, 2011

Punish lenders for fraudulent paperwork? FLORIDA REALTORS June 17, 2011

Foreclosures continue down in most of Southwest Florida. HERALD TRIBUNE (Michael Braga) June 16, 2011

Fannie Mae Skirts Landmark Hawaii Foreclosure Law. HONOLULU CIVIL BEAT (Robert Brown) June 15, 2011

Bank of America apologizes for mistakenly accusing 5,000 Oregonians of being late on property taxes. THE OREGONIAN (Brent Hunsberger) June 15, 2011

Michigan Attorney General Subpoenas Three Mortgage Processors in Probe. BLOOMBERG (Margaret Cronin Fisk) June 15, 2011

Courts may reshape mortgage industry. THE WASHINGTON POST (Brady Dennis and Renae Merle) June 15, 2011

New York Appeals Court Rejects MERS Foreclosure. FORBES (Daniel Fisher) June 15, 2011

Reduced state funding threatens foreclosure cases. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Jose Pagliery and Adolfo Pesquera) June 15, 2011

Briefing starts in case alleging foreclosure fraud. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW June 14, 2011

Foreclosure Crisis Spawns Still More Scrutiny of Banks. WALL STREET JOURNAL (Nathan Koppel) June 13, 2011