As Needed Representation

As Needed Representation

Unlike traditional law firms, you don’t have to retain us to handle every part of your case.  You can pick and choose which parts of the case you want to handle yourself.  For those parts where you really need the advice of an experienced attorney, you only pay for what you need.  We all this our "as needed" program and it's designed to make the most of your legal services dollar.

Our services are fully customizable for your own circumstances.  We can draft motions and pleadings for you behind the scenes (often called legal ghostwriting), help you with discovery or responses to discovery, and electronically file your documents with the court.  We can help you prepare to take a deposition or be deposed and arm you with our years of experience.  Have to attend a hearing?  We can coach you on how to make your presentation to the judge.

Because, unlike AVVO and LegalZoom, we are actual, licensed lawyers, who can jump right into your case if you should feel the need, during the course of your case, for full, traditional representation.   Or we can appear for you at individual events in the litigation, such as mediation or trial.

Providing legal services on as "as needed" services--which judges and attorneys call "limited representation" or "unbundling"--is not only permitted by the Florida Bar, it is actually encouraged by both the Florida Bar and the American Bar Association as a means of keeping attorney fees affordable.  Although limited representation is not new, your judge or your opposing counsel may not be familiar with this arrangement and may have questions about whether, for example, opposing counsel is allowed to speak with you directly or whether you can attend a hearing by yourself.  To help you with these questions, we have prepared a informational sheet that you can print out and give to anyone who asks about the legal assistance that you are receiving:

  • Why does my court document say, “Prepared With the Assistance of Counsel”? (download)

While there is nothing wrong with hiring attorneys on an as-needed basis, remember that your conversations with your attorney are privileged--you don't have to reveal them to the other side or even the judge.  Printing out this document and giving it to those who question you how you are getting legal advice, will help you protect that privilege.

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