Debt Relief Litigation

Debt Relief Litigation

Ice Legal has, on behalf of its clients in various states, brought a number of individual cases, class actions and arbitrations against companies and law firms claiming to provide debt settlement relief.  If you believe that you were scammed by one of these companies, talk with us about whether you may bring a legal action to recover your money.  The consultation is free.

Law Firms associated with Strategic Financial Solutions:

  1. Anchor Law Firm, PLLC (“Anchor”), an Arkansas professional limited liability company;

  2. Bedrock Legal ("Bedrock"), a fictitious name of A. Florio & Associates, PLLC, a Texas limited liability partnership;

  3. Boulder Legal Group, LLC (“Boulder”), a Missouri limited liability company;

  4. Canyon Legal Group, LLC (“Canyon), an Indiana limited liability company also known as Jon Schulte & Associates, LLC and JMS Industries, LLC;

  5. Carolina Legal Services (“Carolina”), a fictitious name of Daniel Rufty Legal, PLLC, a North Carolina professional limited liability company;

  6. Colonial Law Group, LLC (“Colonial”), a Pennsylvania limited liability company;

  7. The Commonwealth Law Group, PLLC (“Commonwealth”), a fictitious name of Law Offices of Amber Florio, LLC, a Texas limited liability company;

  8. Cornerstone Legal Group, LLC (“Cornerstone”), a Wisconsin limited liability company managed and owned by Jason Blust;

  9. Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC (“Credit”), a Florida limited liability company, managed by Jason Blust;

  10. Dubin Legal Group, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company;

  11. Frontier Consumer Law Group, LLC (“Frontier”), a Michigan limited liability company owned and managed by Lori Leigh;

  12. Gardner Legal, LLC (“Gardner”), a Maryland limited liability company;

  13. Great Lakes Law Firm, LLC (“Great Lakes”), a Wisconsin limited liability company;

  14. Harbor Legal Group, LLC (“Harbor”), a Colorado limited liability company;

  15. Heartland Legal Group, LLC (“Heartland”), a Michigan limited liability company;

  16. Henry Legal Group, LLP (“Henry), a Michigan limited liability partnership;

  17. Hinds Law, LLC (“Hinds”), an Illinois limited liability company, also doing business as First America Law, LLC and Law Offices of Michelle Hinds, LLC;

  18. Monarch Legal Group ("Monarch"), a fictitious name of Burnette Legal Group, LLC, and Illinois limited liability company.

  19. Phoenix Legal Group, LLC (“Phoenix”), a Michigan limited liability company, managed by Lori Leigh;

  20. Pioneer Law Firm, P.C. (“Pioneer”), a Colorado professional corporation, in which Jason Blust serves as all officers;

  21. Rockwell Legal Group (“Rockwell”), a fictitious name of Hodyno & Associates, PLLC, an Arizona professional limited liability company;

  22. Royal Legal Group, LLC (“Royal”), a Kansas limited liability company;

  23. Stonepoint Legal Group (“Stonepoint”), a fictitious name of Donald Norris Associates, PLLC, a Nevada professional limited liability company;

  24. Whitestone Legal Group (“Whitestone”), a fictitious name of The Sands Law Group, LLP (“Sands”), a California limited liability company; and

  25. Wyolaw, LLC (“Wyolaw”), a Wyoming limited liability company formerly known as Summit Law Firm, LLC.


Documents used by the "law firms" associated with Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC:

PowerPoint presentation used by mobile notaries (usually shredded).  In-Person Client Presentation.

Script that mobile notary (simultaneously acting as a paralegal) read to the consumer at the signing. Script.

Motions and Memoranda

Cases against Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC and related firms and individuals:

  • Anchor and Wyolaw

Class Action Objection to Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC's Motion to Compel Arbitration

Class Action Objection to Cory Mattocks's Motion to Compel Arbitration

Class Action Objection to Velsa Holdings, LLC's Motion to Compel Arbitration


Sample Complaint

Julien v. Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC; Velsa Holdings, LLC, Sunshine Signing Connection Inc; Lauren Montanile; Andrew Carroll; Thomas Rogus; and D. Giacomo Vilella



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