Debt Relief Scams

Debt Relief Scams

Feeling like you've been taken advantage of by a debt settlement, debt consolidation, or debt relief company?  We're here to help.

Ice Legal was nationally publicized during the foreclosure crisis for exposing the wrongdoing of the banks’ attorneys and for being instrumental in uncovering bank robosigning.  Ice Legal work in this area ultimately led to a nationwide foreclosure moratorium, the disbarment of one of the banks’ most prolific foreclosure filers, and class actions brought by the attorneys’ general in nearly every state in the U.S. 

Springboarding off this work holding large institutions accountable for systemic fraud, our latest industry targets are fraudulent debt resolution companies.  Often fronted by facade law firms, the real players behind these debt relief schemes have been taking advantage of consumers for more than a decade. 

If you have paid money to a debt relief, debt settlement, or debt consolidation firm who did not provide the services promises, we can help.

Right now, we are representing consumers in lawsuits against:

Anchor Law Firm, PLLC

Boulder Legal Group, LLC

Wyolaw, LLC (also known as Summit Law Firm, LLC)

Strategic Finance Solutions

Global Client Solutions

and others...


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