Debt and Breach of Contract Defense

Debt and Breach of Contract Defense

When a contract results in litigation, Ice Legal’s extensive courtroom experience will help guide you through it.  Ice Legal has been a leader in using common litigation techniques to achieve uncommon results, uncovering fraud and illicit practices against some of the biggest commercial opponents.  We know the questions to ask to uncover the facts unique to your situation.  Our "Collections" practice area includes the defense against:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Credit Card Debt Collection

  • Student Loan Collection

  • Writs of Possession

  • Writs of Garnishment

Not all disputes need to be litigated all the way to trial.  Ice Legal will help you reach a point where the case can be settled.  Ice Legal is well-versed in alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, and knows the importance of an early settlement so as to avoid having the litigation costs and fees balloon out of control.

 Writs of Garnishment

 Student Loan Debt Lawsuit




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