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How a mortgage clearinghouse became a villain in the foreclosure mess. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha and Steven Mufson) December 31, 2010

Foreclosures in most states bypass judges, easing evictions. BLOOMBERG December 28, 2010

Business - Florida Newsmakers of the Year. FLORIDA TREND MAGAZINE (Mike Vogel) December 28, 2010

Problems with foreclosure notices loom as next flaw in process. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) December 27, 2010

New lawyers face probes, pop up at other firms. THE PALM BEACH POST (Christine Stapleton and Kimberly Miller) December 26, 2010

Rush to foreclose by Fannie, Freddie helped feed problems with legal paperwork. THE WASHINGTON POST (Zachary A. Goldfarb and Ariana Eunjung Cha) December 23, 2010

Federal Reserve Blocks New Foreclosure Regulations. THE HUFFINGTON POST (Zach Carter) December 22, 2010

Banks accused of illegally looting homes. THE NEW YORK TIMES (Andrew Martin) December 22, 2010

Defense lawyers raise new issue: 'Robo-verifiers'. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Polyana da Costa) December 22, 2010

New Jersey Order to Show Cause in the Matter of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Pleading and Document Irregularities. December 21, 2010

New Jersey Administrative Order Directing Submission Of Information From Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Plaintiffs Concerning Their Document Execution Practices To A Special Master December 21, 2010

U.S. Foreclosure Task Force Will Take ‘Whatever Action’ Needed. BLOOMBERG (Rebecca Christie) December 21, 2010

Foreclosures on hold during holiday season. SUN SENTINEL and THE MIAMI HERALD (Charles Rabin) December 21, 2010

New Jersey Court May Order Foreclosure Freeze. THE NEW YORK TIMES (Associated Press) December 21, 2010

N.J. Threatens to Block Foreclosures. WALL STREET JOURNAL (Lisa Fleisher) December 21, 2010

BofA, Lenders Face Possible N.J. Foreclosure Freeze. BLOOMBERG (David Voreacos and Jody Shenn) December 21, 2010

Bank of America Broke 2009 Mortgage Deal, States Say. BLOOMBERG (Karen Gullo) December 17, 2010

Arizona, Nevada accuse Bank of America of foreclosure fraud, USA TODAY (Michael Winter) December 17, 2010

COLE: Big banks profiting from foreclosure crisis. The longer real estate is frozen, the more they make. THE WASHINGTON TIMES (Rebel A. Cole) December 17, 2010

Geithner Backs Foreclosure Aid As Clock Ticks Down. THE HUFFINGTON POST December 17, 2010

SEC sends more subpoenas in mortgage probe-sources. REUTERS (Matthew Goldstein and Rachelle Younglai) December 17, 2010

State's foreclosure filings plunge 42%. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) December 16, 2010

Foreclosure filings plummet, partly as a result of lender actions. THE SUN SENTINEL (Harriet Johnson Brackey and Paul Owers) December 16, 2010

U.S. Regulators Review Foreclosure Files At 14 Banks. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Ronald D. Orol) December 15, 2010

Iowa may bring criminal charges in foreclosures scandal. REUTERS (Kay Henderson) December 15, 2010

Lenders, servicers scramble to shift cases to new firms. THE DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Julie Kay) December 14, 2010

AG investigates two companies delivering foreclosure court papers. THE SUN SENTINEL (Diane C. Lade) December 14, 2010

Foreclosed homes hit auctions with no legal representation. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) December 10, 2010

Foreclosures: Are Fewer Worse Than More? HOUSING WATCH (Josie Gulliksen) December 9, 2010

Caught by mistake in foreclosure web. ASSOCIATED PRESS (Michelle Conlin) December 9, 2010

Retired cook fights two banks to save home of 47 years from foreclosure. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Susannah Nesmith) December 9, 2010

Widespread 'robo-signer' errors spur lawsuit seeking class status. THE PALM BEACH POST (Christine Stapleton) December 7, 2010

Philadelphia law firm used nonlawyers to file foreclosures, suit alleges. HOUSINGWIRE (Kerry Curry) December 6, 2010

UPDATE 2-LPS shares drop after Reuters Special Report. REUTERS (Dan Wilchins and Doris Frankel) December 6, 2010

Special report: Legal woes mount for a foreclosure kingpin. REUTERS (Scot J. Paltrow) December 6, 2010

Circuit Judge Reverses Orders Against Ice Firm. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Polyana da Costa) December 6, 2010

Tom Ice selected as Most Effective Lawyer. Royal Palm firm at forefront of deposing 'robo-signers.' DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW December 6, 2010

Stern's foreclosure mistake leads two to buy same house. THE SUN SENTINEL (Diane C. Lade and Doreen Hemlock) December 5, 2010

Banks' legal right to foreclose is questioned in testimony before House panel. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha) December 3, 2010

Bair wants mortgages modified to mitigate losses before starting foreclosure. HOUSINGWIRE (Jason Philyaw) December 3, 2010

Commentary: Florida courts' role in foreclosure process deserves respect, not catchy phrases. PALM BEACH POST ( J. Thomas McGrady, Chief Judge of Florida's Sixth Judicial Circuit) December 2, 2010

Lapses in Foreclosure Documents Said to Cause ‘Chaos’ in Courts. BLOOMBERG (Lorraine Woellert) December 2, 2010

Fannie, Freddie say mortgage servicers triggered foreclosure crisis. THE WASHINGTON POST (Zachary A. Goldfarb) December 2, 2010

Statement of John Walsh Acting Comptroller of the Currency before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs United States Senate December 1, 2010 December 1, 2010

Fannie, Freddie Spar With Regulators on Foreclosures. BLOOMBERG (Lorraine Woellert and Meera Louis) December 1, 2010

Banks Told To Stop Foreclosures During Mortgage Modification. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Alan Zibel) December 1, 2010