History Facts

History Facts

History of Ice Legal

Ice Legal was founded in 2007 by Thomas Erskine Ice, an AV-rated attorney with decades of experience at the big law firms.  Having spent 25 years as an attorney with Carlton Fields and a working as a partner at Holland & Knight, Mr. Ice started Ice Legal with a desire to use his legal skills to help individuals rather than big corporations.  What began as a solo bankruptcy practice quickly grew into a thriving firm, and Ice Legal soon gained a reputation as a leader in foreclosure defense cases and other forms of complex litigation.  Today, Mr. Ice and his team bring their experience and knowledge of the lawto your side of the table, with solid legal knowledge, negotiating savvy, and a refined understanding of how the other side operates.

Ice Legal has a national reputation for being at the forefront of legal developments.  During the mortgage crisis, our firm was among the first to develop and legitimize foreclosure defense, as our persistent and meticulous legal work exposed the banks’ practices of filing shoddy, sometimes even fraudulent paperwork.  Our depositions and other ground-breaking discovery was instrumental in sparking the robo-signing foreclosure scandal which culminated in a $25 billion settlement for the Attorneys General of 49 states against some of the country’s leading financial institutions.  We were the first to the Florida Supreme Court with a foreclosure robo-signing case in which the Court called for a change to the procedural rules so that parties could be punished for trying to deceive the court.  Today, Ice Legal is a leader across all fields of litigation, known for our willingness to tackle complex cases and drive new case law.

We Are a Genuine Team

A law firm is only as good as its attorneys.  At Ice Legal, we are justifiably proud of the knowledgeable and experienced lawyers that make up our team.  Each of our lawyers brings sophisticated legal analysis and robust courtroom and negotiation skills to the table.  Together, we are a litigation powerhouse designed to solve your legal issues and bring you first-class results.

Some law firms our size are merely a collection of attorneys under the same roof.  They share the same firm name, but essentially operate as solo practitioners.  Their clients are limited to the knowledge, experience, and strategy of just one person. 

Ice Legal is different.  Our attorneys function as a cohesive team.  By the time we have finished guiding your case through the legal system, it is likely that every single lawyer in our office will have contributed to your case.  We use a unique, custom-designed computer case management system to track the progress of the case and help us match individual tasks to the availability and strengths of our attorneys, ensuring that every client receives the benefit of the top skills of every lawyer.

Depositions, hearings, trials, mediations, and negotiations: a legal case goes through many stages and requires many skills.  Our teamwork elevates everyone’s talents and provides clients with the best legal services we have to offer.


History of LegalYou

LegalYou was founded in 2016 with the launch of its one-of-a-kind online portal, www.legalyou.com.  Much more than just a website, LegalYou is a new way of delivering legal services in a way that is affordable to the average person.  It is an extension of the Ice Legal philosophy that the keys to the courthouse belong to everyone, not just the wealthy elite.  Read more about LegalYou at www.legalyou.com and the LegalYou philosophy at www.lawtender.com.