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Nevada, U.S. regulator challenge BofA on mortgages. REUTERS (Jonathan Stempel) August 31, 2011

Nevada AG questions Bank of America foreclosures, seeks to scuttle settlement. VEGASINC (Steve Green) August 31, 2011

In 50-state foreclosure negotiations, dispute underlines basic questions. THE WASHINGTON POST (Dennis Brady) August 31, 2011

Tying Health Problems to Rise in Home Foreclosures. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Mitra Kalita) August 31, 2011

N.Y. Lawmakers Protest Schneiderman Mortgage Panel Removal. BLOOMBERG (David McLaughlin and Margaret Cronin Fisk) August 31, 2011

N.Y. bumped from 50-state foreclosure committee. THE WASHINGTON POST (Brady Dennis) August 25, 2011

‘MERS morass’ is hanging up negotiations on foreclosure settlement. THE WASHINGTON POST (Brady Dennis) August 25, 2011

Florida courts clear 201,000 foreclosure cases from backlog, but 260,000 remain. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) August 18, 2011

Three in Lake Worth mayoral race. THE PALM BEACH POST (Willie Howard) August 16, 2011

ICE LEGAL attorney files to run for Lake Worth mayor. THE PALM BEACH POST August 16, 2011

GMAC spends $1.5 million to transfer flawed foreclosure files to new attorneys. THE PALM BEACH POST - BLOG (Kimberly Miller) August 12, 2011

July foreclosure filings down in South Florida. SOUTH FLORIDA BUSINESS JOURNAL August 11, 2011

Bill Aims to Close Revolving Door Between AG, Probed Companies. NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA (David Royse) August 11, 2011

Former state investigator takes job at foreclosure firm under office's investigation. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) August 10, 2011

Housing's Double Dip Part II: Rising Foreclosures CNBC (Diana Olick) August 6, 2011

Foreclosure Woes Fuel Wider Loss at Fannie. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Nick Timiraos) August 6, 2011

BofA’s ReconTrust Sued Over Washington Foreclosure Actions. BLOOMBERG (Margaret Cronin Fisk and Brad Broberg) August 6, 2011

Democratic lawmakers launch probe of fired AG investigators. THE TAMPA TRIBUNE (Catherine Whittenburg) August 5, 2011

Assistant AGs fired over foreclosures. dbrTV reporter Julie Kay interviews June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, who said they were fired for driving the investigations into foreclosure mills and process servers. DBR TV August 5, 2011

Legislator seeks records, answers from Bondi’s office. THE MIAMI HERALD (Toluse Olorunnipa) August 5, 2011

Florida Attorney General seeks an independent review of investigators' dismissal. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) August 3, 2011

Foreclosure Fraud Case Settled at the Florida Supreme Court. REDSTATE.COM (William E. Lewis, Jr.) July 29, 2011

Key robo-signing case ends with settlement. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Adolfo Pesquera) July 29, 2011

State defends ousters of foreclosure investigators. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) July 22, 2011

Florida attorney general's office fires back at its former foreclosure investigators. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) July 22, 2011

AG gets help in robo-signing investigation. ILLINOIS STATEHOUSE NEWS (Andrew Thomason) July 21, 2011

States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures (even as evidence has emerged that banks are continuing to file questionable documents). REUTERS (Scot Paltrow) July 21, 2011

Lawmakers urge regulators to unseal foreclosure reviews.HOUSING WIRE (Jon Prior) July 21, 2011

Lawmakers call for hearings on robo-signing. ASSOCIATED PRESS (Pallavi Gogoi and Michelle Conlin) July 21, 2011

Mortgages: Banks still robo-signing, filing doubtful documents, inquiry finds. THE SUN SENTINEL (Diane Lade, contributor) July 20, 2011

Behind foreclosure corner-cutting, troves of missing documents. REUTERS (Scot J. Paltrow) July 19, 2011

AP Exclusive: Mortgage 'robo-signing' goes on. AP (Michelle Conlin and Pallavi Gogoi) July 19, 2011

Special report: Banks continue robo-signing. REUTERS (Scot J. Paltrow) July 19, 2011

Florida fraud report key to New York foreclosure case. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) July 16, 2011

Newcomer to argue case before state Supreme Court. DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW (Adolfo Pesquera) July 13, 2011

Foreclosure fraud investigators forced out at attorney general's office. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) July 13, 2011

Bank’s Deal Means More Will Lose Their Homes. THE NEW YORK TIMES (Nelson D. Schwartz) July 11, 2011

National Guard Sergeant Sues Citigroup Over Foreclosure. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (David Benoit) July 11, 2011

Hundreds in Hollywood wait in line for help to save their homes. THE SUN SENTINEL (Donna Gehrke-White) July 11, 2011

Michigan foreclosure firm implicated in robo-signing. Thousands of foreclosures may be invalidated. THE MICHIGAN MESSENGER (Todd A. Heywood) July 9, 2011

HSBC Bank USA CEO may face sanctions in foreclosure. REUTERS (Scot J. Paltrow) July 8, 2011

South Florida home prices fall, hit new bottom. THE MIAMI HERALD July 7, 2011