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OPINION: How the Banks Put the Economy Underwater. THE NEW YORK TIMES (Yves Smith) October 31, 2010

An opening for D.C. foreclosure challenges. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Cha) October 30, 2010

Amid mortgage mess, owners blindsided. THE WASHINGTON POST (Dina ElBoghdady) October 30, 2010

Special Report: A Marshall Plan for America's housing woes. REUTERS (Matthew Goldstein) October 29, 2010

Analysis: Bank pushback may doom title insurance deal. REUTERS (Alina Selyukh and Ben Berkowitz) October 29, 2010

More Reuters Results for:"foreclosure." REUTERS (Dan Levine) October 29, 2010

Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Demand Recourse. THE NEW YORK TIMES (Andrew Martin and Motoko Rich) October 29, 2010

SEC Urges Banks to Disclose Potential Losses From Flawed Home Foreclosures. BLOOMBERG (Jesse Westbrook) October 29, 2010

Ohio Attorney General Asks for Affidavits by Wells Fargo `Robo-Signer.' BLOOMBERG (Michael Riley) October 29, 2010

Big Banks Told Not to Just 'Fix' Foreclosure Fraud. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Robbie Whelan) October 29, 2010

Getting Medieval On Your Assets: Four Reasons Foreclosure Fraud Really, Really Matters. THE HUFFINGTON POST (Richard (RJ) Eskow) October 28, 2010

Federal Auditor Says Obama's Anti-Foreclosure Effort Risks 'Generating Public Anger And Mistrust' THE HUFFINGTON POST (Arthur Delaney and Shahien Nasiripour) October 28, 2010

Obama: More Aggressive Anti-Foreclosure Efforts Would Help People Who Don't Deserve It. THE HUFFINGTON POST (Arthur Delaney) October 28, 2010

Bank of America Pricked in Fed Bailout Farce. BLOOMBERG (Jonathan Weil) October 28, 2010

SATIRE: GMAC Foreclosures Included Treehouses, Forts. CAP NEWS October 28, 2010

Mortgage Industry Bristles at `Robin Hood' Foreclosure Theories. BLOOMBERG (Jody Shenn) October 28, 2010

Wells Fargo erred in thousands of foreclosures. THE PALM BEACH POST (Alan Zibel) October 28, 2010

South Florida has nation's highest total foreclosure filings for 3Q of 2010. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 28, 2010

Foreclosure documents back allegations of overcharging. THE TAMPA TRIBUNE (Shannon Behnken) October 27, 2010

Bank of America finds foreclosure mistakes. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Dan Fitzpatrick) October 25, 2010

Morgenson Sort of Acknowledges Problems with Residential MBS Rights to Foreclose. NAKED CAPITALISM (Yves Smith) October 24, 2010

One Mess That Can’t Be Papered Over. THE NEW YORK TIMES (Gretchen Morgenson) October 24, 2010

South Florida at center of legal inquiry into foreclosure crisis. Plantation lawyer David J. Stern in spotlight. SUN SENTINEL (|Michael Mayo) October 24, 2010

OPINION: Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 1: Put Bank of America in Receivership. HUFFINGTON POST (William K. Black and L. Randall Wray) October 23, 2010

Are some law firms cutting corners on foreclosures? CNN (Drew Griffin and Jessi Joseph) October 23, 2010

Analysis: Wells Fargo gambles on foreclosures, attorneys say. REUTERS (Elinor Comlay and Joe Rauch) October 23, 2010

Foreclosure Attorney Fights Fla. Evictions. HOUSING WATCH (Josie Gulliksen) October 22, 2010

Florida activists read between the lines on foreclosure paperwork. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 21, 2010

How a BigLaw Refugee Spurred a Foreclosure Uproar. ABA JOURNAL (Debra Cassens Weiss) October 21, 2010

OPINION: Florida's foray into the foreclosure crisis. SUN SENTINEL October 21, 2010

Niche Lawyers Spawned Housing Fracas. WALL STREET JOURNAL (Robbie Whelan) October 21, 2010

Banks Clueless on Foreclosure Mess Severity. BLOOMBERG (Jonathan Weil) October 21, 2010

Stern leaves chair of firm; calls mount for Florida Bar to act. SUN SENTINEL (Diane C. Lade) October 20, 2010

ACLU Seeks Public Records To Determine Constitutionality Of Foreclosure Proceedings In Florida. October 20, 2010

Foreclosure mess: Fake signatures and lavish gifts. CNNMONEY (Dugald McConnell) October 20, 2010

Fla. AG probes law firms over foreclosures. REUTERS (Kevin Gray) October 20, 2010

Task force probing whether banks broke federal laws during home seizures. WASHINGTON POST (Zachary A. Goldfarb) October 20, 2010

Consumer Attorneys See Flaws in Foreclosure Reboot. ABC NEWS (Dan Levine) October 20, 2010

'Deadbeat' fights back against foreclosure process. PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 19, 2010

AG's office reprimands its attorney for "foreclosure mill" work. THE TAMPA TRIBUNE (Shannon Behnken) October 19, 2010

Congresswoman’s Sacramento House Listed as Short Sale.THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Emily Peck) October 19, 2010

DJSP Enterprises, Inc. Announces Recent Developments [Stern no longer Chairman of the Board] MARKET WATCH October 19, 2010

VIDEO: Stopping Rocket Docket Injustice. FOX4 October 19, 2010

Ex-worker: Florida law firm ran 'foreclosure mill'. USA TODAY (Stephanie Armour and Thomas Frank) October 19, 2010

VIDEO: The Foreclosure Freeze – What It Means and Why It Matters. MONEYTALKSNEWS (Stacy Johnson) October 18, 2010

Foreclosure procedures undergo extensive review. USA TODAY (Stephanie Armour) October 18, 2010

U.S. foreclosure fiasco frustrates homeowners. REUTERS (Kevin Gray) October 18, 2010

OPINION: The Mortgage Fraud Scandal Is The Biggest In Human History. BUSINESS INSIDER (L. Randall Waray, Benzinga) October 17, 2010

An easy fix: Lenders must put people first. THE WASHINGTON POST October 17, 2010

How 2 civilian sleuths brought foreclosure problems to light. McClatchy Newspapers (Tony Pugh) October 17, 2010

Florida judges face avalanche. THE MIAMI HERALD (Brady Dennis) October 17, 2010

SEC probes mortgages. THE NEW YORK POST (Mark DeCam) October 16, 2010

Speed equaled money in foreclosure 'machine'. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha and Zachary A. Goldfarb) October 16, 2010

Could Main Street Break a Bank? THE NEW YORK TIMES (Kevin Roose) October 14, 2010

Foreclosure-Gate a Reprieve for WWII Vet. HOUSING WATCH (Lita Epstein) October 14, 2010

VIDEO: US-wide probe into home repossessions. BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA October 14, 2010

Foreclosure Fiasco Trail Leads to Washington. BLOOMBERG (Jonathan Weil) October 14, 2010

Why Florida's Foreclosure Machine Is Slowing Down. BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK (David McLaughlin) October 13, 2010

Royal Palm Beach law firm at center of foreclosure meltdown. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 13, 2010

All 50 states launch joint investigation into foreclosures. USA TODAY (Stephanie Armour) October 13, 2010

49 states to review foreclosure cases. UPI October 13, 2010

FACTBOX-The role of MERS in U.S. foreclosure furor. REUTERS (Scot Paltrow) October 13, 2010

Group says Bernanke commits to foreclosure remedies. REUTERS (Tim Ahmann) October 13, 2010

A foreclosure nightmare THE HILL (Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse) October 13, 2010

U.S. urges lenders to vet foreclosures but keep process moving. THE WASHINGTON POST (Zachary A. Goldfarb and Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 13, 2010

JPMorgan Exits Electronic Mortgage Tracking System. ASSOCIATED PRESS October 13, 2010

The great American mortgage crisis deepens.NEW ZEALAND HERALD (Stephen Foley) October 12, 2010

Foreclosure 'robo-signers' appear to be widespread. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 12, 2010

Citigroup Stops Using Foreclosure Law Firm Facing Florida Probe. BLOOMBERG ( Dakin Campbell and Donal Griffin) October 12, 2010

The Real Foreclosure Crisis: Who Owns The Mortgages? THE HUFFINGTON POST (Peter G. Miller) October 12, 2010

Ex-paralegal tells Florida AG of questionable practices at foreclosure law firm. HOUSING WIRE (Kerry Curry and Sarah Mueller) October 12, 2010

Challenges mount at law firm. A Plantation-based law firm is struggling to deal with a state investigation and foreclosure freezes that threaten its bottom line. THE MIAMI HERALD (Toluse Olorunnipa) October 12, 2010

Were Obama's own mortgage documents signed by a 'robo-signer'? THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 11, 2010

Florida attorney general seeks rehearing in foreclosure investigation. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 11, 2010

Foreclosure freeze adds to U.S. woes. THE GLOBE AND MAIL (Grant Robertson) October 11, 2010

Foreclosuregate – The Biggest Fraud In The History Of Capital Markets? DAILY MARKETS (Michael Snyder) October 11, 2010

Rocket Docket" rushing foreclosures, lawyers say. THE FLORIDA TIMES-UNION (Roger Bull) October 11, 2010

Fight over MERS' legal right to foreclose makes mess worse. USA TODAY (Stephanie Armour) October 11, 2010

Foreclosure Delay Poses Risk. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Robbie Whelan) October 10, 2010

Pressure on nation's mortgage lenders intensifies. REUTERS (Corbett B. Daly) October 10, 2010

VIDEO: "It's Absurd!" Expert Says About BofA Claims To End Foreclosure Crisis Quickly.(WSOC interview of Max Gardner) October 10, 2010

INTERVIEW: Q&A: Putting the Robo-Signer scandal into context. Geoff Walsh, an attorney with the National Consumer Law Center October 10, 2010

Foreclosure alarms rang months ago. WASHINGTON POST (Zachary A. Goldfarb) October 10, 2010

Up to 40 states plan inquiry into foreclosure data. ASSOCIATED PRESS (Alan Zibel) October 10, 2010

Opionion: Careless foreclosure filings show need for tight controls. THE BOSTON GLOBE October 10, 2010

OPINION: Foreclosure mistakes more than technicalities. BLOOMBERG (Ann Woolner) October 10, 2010

Momentum builds for full moratorium on foreclosures. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha, Steven Mufson and Jia Lynn Yang) October 9, 2010

Analysis: Homeowners may gain ground in foreclosure fights. REUTERS (Dan Levine) October 9, 2010

Ex-employee says foreclosure firm forged signatures. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 9, 2010

When Foreclosure Cases Get Tough, Big Firm Lawyers Step In. THE AM LAW DAILY (Zach Lowe) October 9, 2010

Attorneys General in 40 States Said to Join on Foreclosures. BLOOMBERG (Dakin Campbell and Prashant Gopal) October 9, 2010

Reid calls on lenders to halt foreclosures in all states. THE WASHINGTON POST (Jia Lynn Yang and Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 8, 2010

U.S. Banks Get Boxed In on Foreclosures. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL HEARD ON THE STREET (David Reilly) October 8, 2010

Obama kills foreclosure bill as fury mounts. REUTERS (Caren Bohan and Scot J. Paltrow) October 8, 2010

BofA U.S.-wide foreclosure halt draws calls for more. REUTERS (Joe Rauch) October 8, 2010

Senate banking panel sets foreclosure hearing. REUTERS (Corbett B. Daly) October 8, 2010

Florida foreclosure firm's title insurer won't insure firm's foreclosure titles. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 8, 2010

Fired worker says home foreclosure firm forged documents. THE TAMPA TRIBUNE (Shannon Behnken) October 8, 2010

Loan chaos may pose wider peril. THE WASHINGTON POST (Brady Dennis and Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 8, 2010

Some courts say computer system doesn't own mortgages. MARKETPLACE October 8, 2010

Foreclosure Freeze - Is MERS Causing a Foreclosure Nightmare? MONEY WATCH (Ilyce Glink) October 8, 2010

In middle of foreclosure chaos, local firm keeps popping up [an introduction to MERS]. THE WASHINGTON POST (Brady Dennis and Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 8, 2010

Coast to Coast Foreclosure Fallout Hits Home. MSNBC VIDEO October 7, 2010

In foreclosure controversy, problems run deeper than flawed paperwork. THE WASHINGTON POST (Brady Dennis and Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 7, 2010

PNC Said to Be Latest Lender to Suspend Foreclosed Sales. THE NEW YORK TIMES (David Streitfeld) October 7, 2010

The Foreclosure Crisis' Widening Gyre. MOTHER JONES ( Andy Kroll) October 7, 2010

Why the foreclosure mess could last for years. BLOOMBERG BUSINESS (Margaret Cronin Fisk and Kathleen M. Howley) October 7, 2010

'Robo-Signers' Add to Foreclosure Headache. FOX49 WTLH October 7, 2010

Foreclosures: A Busted System Or Veiled Opportunity? NPR (Yuki Noguchi) October 6, 2010

Justice Department looking into home foreclosure mess. REUTERS October 6, 2010

Florida lawyer warns of deepening foreclosure mess-INTERVIEW. REUTERS (Kevin Gray - Pascal Fletcher) October 6, 2010

AG Biden [Deleware] asks 3 banks to freeze foreclosures. ASSOCIATED PRESS (Kathleen Miller) October 6, 2010

UPDATE 1-North Carolina atty general wants foreclosures stopped. North Carolina AG's probe now includes 15 lenders. REUTERS October 6, 2010

Half of day's foreclosure auctions called off. THE PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 5, 2010

Foreclosure Furor Rises; Many Call for a Freeze. THE NEW YORK TIMES (David Streitfeld and Gretchen Morgenson) October 5, 2010

What moratorium? Foreclosures go forward THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE (Purva Patel And Nancy Sarnoff) October 5, 2010

Pelosi, others call for probe of foreclosure irregularities. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 5, 2010

Judges revisiting foreclosure cases may aid homeowners but clog market. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha and Brady Dennis) October 4, 2010

Texas moves to halt foreclosures and sales of foreclosed property. HOUSTON CHRONICLE / SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS (Nancy Sarnoff, Purva Patel and Jennifer Hiller) October 4, 2010

Maryland Officials call on mortgage firms to temporarily stop foreclosures THE BALITMORE SUN (Jamie Smith Hopkins) October 4, 2010

Foreclosure? Not So Fast. WALL STREET JOURNAL (Robbie Whelan) October 3, 2010

Wells Fargo Executive: Verified Only Dates. ASSOCIATED PRESS. October 3, 2010

Mortgage document troubles holding up foreclosures. PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 3, 2010

Coakley [Massachusetts Attorney General] begins probe, calls for foreclosure moratorium. BOSTON HERALD October 2, 2010

Company Stops Insuring Titles in Chase Foreclosures. THE NEW YORK TIMES (David Streitfeld) October 2, 2010

Lenders Forced to Suspend Thousands of Foreclosures. Interview with Judge Schack and Andy Kroll October 2, 2010

Bank of America jolts industry. PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) October 2, 2010

Bank of America latest to put hold on foreclosures amid paperwork concerns. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 1, 2010

Notarize This: The Brewing Foreclosure Storm. THE HUFFINGTON POST (Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary Of State) October 1, 2010

Bank of America delays foreclosures in 23 states. USA TODAY (Stephanie Armour) October 1, 2010

Connecticut halts all foreclosures for all banks. THE WASHINGTON POST (Ariana Eunjung Cha) October 1, 2010

Foreclosure Flaws May Cloud U.S. Homeownership as `Blighted Titles' Emerge. BLOOMBERG (Kathleen M. Howley) October 1, 2010

JPMorgan Suspends Some Foreclosures. NPR October 1, 2010