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An attorney admitted in Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, New Mexico, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming, Ariane at one time had an outstanding career in non-profit management raising money for worthy causes. During those years, she developed a knack for finding improper practices which drained away donation funds. Ariane eventually brought those invaluable skills to Ice Legal, P.A., where she uncovered evidence that bank attorneys had engaged in a widespread pattern of misrepresentation in court. These damning revelations ultimately toppled an infamous foreclosure mill and propelled a foreclosure case into the limelight, being one of the few to reach the Florida Supreme Court.

An outspoken, persistent critic of the systemic bias against pro se (independent) litigants, Ariane is a key member of the team that created LegalYou—answering the staggering access-to-justice problem which has plagued middle and lower income families for too long. Ariane focuses on helping our clients find affordable legal services that work within their budget and lifestyle.

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