Ice Appellate is the appellate arm of Ice Legal, a firm which has taken on appeals around the country.

Ice Appellate principal attorneys, Tom and Ariane Ice, can handle civil appeals in 33 states, the District of Columbia and numerous federal courts and are available for consulting or pro hac vice participation in courts of other states.

For Attorneys

Ice Appellate has the experience in brief writing, oral argument, and litigation support to provide you and your clients a high degree of confidence when entering the rarefied world of appellate advocacy. We welcome inquiries from attorneys looking for a seamless transition from trial to an appeal and, even before judgment, we will help you ensure that the record is well-developed and that your issues are preserved for appeal.

The rules and the idiosyncrasies of the various appellate courts regarding writs and other interlocutory appeals can be confusing and the wrong decision can be expensive for you and your client. We are uniquely situated with our multiple bar admissions to assist you in many different states.  We can help you make the right decision and map the strategies that will give your client the best potential for appellate success.



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