What is LegalYou?

LegalYou is the cutting edge legal service powered by Ice Legal.  It is a revolutionary approach to solving legal problems for consumers through the use of technology and "as needed" assistance.  The LegalYou portal (www.legalyou.com) provides free legal resources to the public with the mission of resolving the access to justice crisis which has plagued our fellow citizens.

LegalYou has pioneered a way of helping consumers to help themselves.  Clients pay only for legal advice and assistance that they actually need, allowing them to control and reduce legal fees by doing what they can do on their own.  We have already helped hundreds of clients on this "as needed" basis, allowing them to beat the odds in a system that is inherently unfriendly to the self-help litigant.



Florida initiated the Access to Justice Commission with the goal of studying "the unmet civil legal needs of disadvantaged, low-income, and moderate-income Floridians, considering Florida’s legal assistance delivery system as a whole: staffed legal aid programs, pro bono services, innovative technology solutions, and other models and potential innovations."


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Having been forged in the midst of the foreclosure crisis which laid bare the enormous disadvantages faced by litigants when attempting to navigate our court systems without attorneys, Ice Legal is acutely aware of this profound societal problem.  Ice Legal, therefore, is initiating its own Access to Justice Project with goals similar to those of the Access to Justice Commission.

Stay tuned to these pages for updates on the measures taken by Ice Legal to assist the public in cutting through Byzantine rules of procedure and evidence and utilizing the public institution of the courts without a cost-prohibitive intermediary.  See, article by the late Stephen Elias, former Nolo author, and president of the National Bankruptcy Law Project.



LegalYou provides many legal forms free of charge on www.legalyou.com.  Many of these forms are available for free from the Florida Supreme Court or here--the same forms that  the Palm Beach County Clerk of the Courts will charge you for.


 Judicial Elections

Many people don't realize that the judges in Florida are public servants who serve at the will of the electorate.  If consumers are unhappy with the performance, temperament or unfairness of their judges, they should simply vote them out of office.  Additionally, the imposition of term limits is the long-standing and proven method of preventing the formation of an elite governing class and keep government power in the hands of the people.  We often forget that the judiciary is a government office susceptible to the same abuses.  For that reason, LegalYou recommends that electors regularly vote out incumbents and vote for judicial term limits.  For more information regarding LegalYou positions, visit www.lawtender.com.


- Thomas Erskine Ice


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