The “little guy” comes first.

It’s not by accident we’ve done groundbreaking work in foreclosure defense, or that we brought the robo-signing scandal to light during the mortgage crisis, or that we created the first truly democratic online legal resource around.

At Ice Legal we believe the law should not only prioritize the people, but that it should be in the hands of the people—not swayed by the whims of corporate, financial or bureaucratic interests.  We’ve been taking on big law firms defending big companies for years, slaying Goliath many times over. We take pride in that.

Our success has a great deal to do with our teamwork, and how we use the substantial talents of our team members to create a sum more than its already impressive parts. It doesn't matter if you’re facing personal injury, foreclosure proceedings, consumer products issues or bankruptcy, there is no ‘B’ team at your side with Ice Legal.

Whether we’re actively litigating on your behalf or providing a hands-off resource for taking control of your own legal matters, our firm is here and our people-first philosophy never wavers.   

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