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Foreclosure cases moving like mud. PALM BEACH POST (Kimberly Miller) December 9, 2012

With respect to Miami's new trial rocket docket, "Royal Palm Beach-based foreclosure defense attorney Tom Ice is not impressed. He likened Miami-Dade’s trial program to a 'cattle call' and said cases tried without proper trial orders are void and can be rolled back by homeowners."

(If you were recently foreclosed on by trial in Miami, call us.  We will explain "void" judgments and determine whether you can vacate the judgment against you.)


Ice Legal attorney, Amanda Lundergan, argued Pino vs. Bank of New York in the Florida Supreme Court

"If you do not give the courts permission to address fraud, it sets up a system where every litigant's bad acts are not only condoned but encouraged. They can lie and cheat. If they get caught, they simply dismiss."

“What it seems like to me, you’re just looking for a ‘gotcha’ to get out of the mortgage. Am I wrong?”


Ice Legal adds a mock courtroom to its offices

Ice Legal is committed to representing their clients throughout the entire litigation process, including trial. Many clients who have represented themselves (or who have been represented by other attorneys) up to the point that the case is set for trial have come to Ice Legal to try the case. Our commitment to preparation for trial includes “practice runs” or “mock trials” which we will conduct in our own mock courtroom.

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